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Metal Treatment Chemicals

Our phosphating range is very wide.  Among the range is, IRON PHOSPHATING (Dip & Spray), ZINC PHOSPHATING (Dip & Spray), CALCIUM MODIFIED zinc phosphating, TRICAT ION Phosphating, heavy duty ZINC & MANGANESE phosphating, phosphating for wire drawing, cold forming etc.
We also have a one shot process for degreasing, derusting & phosphating for components that could not be dipped. 


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( Multi Purpose Multi Metal Polish)

GLITTO  is a multi purpose metal polish for multiple metals including brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, pewter, and bronze.


GLITTO    cleans and brings back the brilliant shine and lustrue to the metal.   GLITTO    not only cleans, protects but also delays the dullness of the metal again.   GLITTO  polishing compound is easy to apply


GLITTO    removes tarnish on lackluster copper, brass kitchenware, lamps, pooja items etc.,





1.     Shake the container well.

2.     Soak a clean, dry cloth with the GLITTO metal polish.

3.     Apply GLITTO  liberally on the metal.

4.     Rub with  a dry cloth over the metal item.

5.     Rub longer time on heavily tarnished areas.


GLITTO  will restore  beautiful shine to most of the  difficult to clean metals.


GLITTO    brings back shining life to your brass door knobs, locks, name plates, antiques,  bathroom fittings, table tops, cookware, car rims, faucets, curtain rods, metal furniture,  and many more.

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Contract Manufacturing Chemicals

Contract Manufacturing Chemicals

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We are contract manufacturing chemicals with companies for many products. 

Our manufacturing is in the field of the chemicals for nearly 48 years.   The chemical range includes, metal cleaning,  surface treatment of different metals - both ferrous and non ferrous,  water treatment chemicals, chemicals connected with plating and galvanizing, etc.,

The products are based on strong Acids, Strong Alkalis, Flammable & Flammable solvents etc.,

We have every facility to produce the above chemicals which includes reactor vessels, blenders, ribbon blenders, planetary mixers, etc of different capacities. 

Almost All vessels are made of 316 SS.

We have every governmental and statutory licences that are necessary for our kind of manufacturing industry.

We can manufacture liquid chemicals, powders, gels, pastes and granules.

Our manufacturing capacity per day,  in one 8 hour shift,  as on date will be:

8000 litres of liquids,

4000 kgs of powder/granules,

6000 kgs of gels,

2000 kgs of paste.

We can increase the production rate/quantity depending upon the requirement of the customer.


QUALITY ASSURAANCE:  We are ISO certified TUV Sud,and has an experienced skilled personnel in the manufacturing side.  All the products manufactured by us either for our personal production or as contract manufacturing have to pass through a very stringent Quality Control.


LABORATORY:  We have a very sophisticated and  purposeful laboratory, having every testing facilities that are required for our kind of Industry.  We can also improvise on to those requirements essential for every Customer.



·        Cost Savings

·        Quality Assurance

·        Advanced Skills  in manufacturing because of 48 years of experience

·        On time Delivery

·        Highest ethical standards

·        Safeguarding the formula

·        Support in Improving the quality of the product

·        Raw materials sourcing and pricing 



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Zirconium Coating

Zirconium Coating

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TUFFCOAT   is a chromate & phosphate free conversion coating, specially formulated for mixed-metal applications such as  aluminium extrusions, aluminium, steel, galvanised steel, etc.,  The coating when properly applied   greatly enhance corrosion protection and adhesion of subsequently applied coatings..


TUFFCOAT  is ECO FRIENDLY & very easy to be controlled and maintained. It deposits high-quality zirconium films at low application temperatures.  The very high conversion coating efficiency  ensures the absolute minimum removal of metal during conversion coating, which gives low levels of sludge and long bath life. 

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Non Chrome Coating On Aluminium

Non Chrome Coating On Aluminium

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Even though the process of chromating is a proven one, it is generally preferred to have a chrome free treatment, to reduce the severe pollution hazards caused by chrome. We offer ALUCOAT NC, Chrome-free ZINC-ZIRCONIUM phosphating for aluminium surfaces.


ALUCOAT NC is a chrome-free treatment for Aluminium. It gives zinc-zirconium phosphate coating

As base on Aluminium surfaces for subsequent liquid paint or powder coatings,

· Is made up as a 5% solution;

· Functioning at Room Temperature (25oC)

· Dip duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

· Build up of coating: 2 to 4 g/m2.


As base for subsequent drawing of aluminium components.

· Is made up as a 7 to 10% solution;

· Functioning in the Optimum Temperature range of 50 to 55oC.

· Dip duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

Build up of coating: 5 to 7.5 g/m2.


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