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Our product range includes a wide range of rust remover for rebars and wire edm, bipolar corrosion inhibitor, superplasticizer and scaffolding fitting & screws releaser.
Rust Remover  For Rebars And Wire EDM

Rust Remover For Rebars And Wire EDM

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{Effective rust remover for all steel and Wire EDM}




Ø  Removes rust from steel components, especially machined surfaces of cast iron and forged components, reinforcement steel rods, Galvanised sheets, slotted angles, pipes, structurals, ERW tubes etc. used in bus body construction etc. 

Ø  Remove the rust formed during wire EDM operation.

Ø  Clean the sludge formed on wire EDM and wire guide

Ø  Forms a complex phosphate coating, which retards, to a remarkable degree, formation of rust.

Ø  May be used by brush or by dip method, depending upon the location of rust to be removed, size of the components, location of the rust-spot, and number of components. Ideal for use in derusting components that are on the shop floor or high up on steel structurals.

Ø  When the rust to be removed is heavy, it is only a question of a little more time. 

No need to rinse the treated surface; just wipe dry with clean, white cloth. Avoid using the colour cloth as  the colour will be transferred to the treated surface of the component

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Bipolar Corrosion Inhibitor

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(  Bipolar  Corrosion  Inhibiting   Ad Mixture )

ADMIX-BCI   is a well formulated corrosion inhibitor for adding with the cement, sand and water.    It may be added with the ready Mix truck too.


ADMIX-BCI,  a complex anodic-cathodic, organic-inorganic inhibitor blocks access of oxygen to the surface of the steel reinforcing rods and maintains an elevated pH that is necessary to maintain the stability of the passive oxide layer on the reinforced rods even in carbonated concrete contaminated with chloride ions.

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{ Superplasticizer}


ADMIX - WR  is a chloride free, high performance superplasticising admixture  based on selected sulphonated napthalene polymers


ADMIX - WR  disperses its fine particles in the concrete mix to provide excellent acceleration of strength gain  by significantly reducing water demand in a concrete mix.


ADMIX - WR  is suitable for precast concrete and other high early strength requirements.


ADMIX - WR  provides improved durability by increasing ultimate strengths and reducing concrete permeability. 

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(Frees and lubricates all scaffolding fittings and screw threads)

RELEASER     quickly penetrates and removes light rust, corrosion, grease and other contamination


RELEASER     not only frees all seized parts but also lubricates and leaves them in first class working condition..


RELEASER     leaves a fine, protective coating to prevent further rust and corrosion and stops seizing up again.


RELEASER    starts to work immediately on contact and rapidly penetrates all seized parts.


RELEASER   is a rapid fluid which quickly spreads and searches into crevices which is normally  inaccessible.


RELEASER       does not leave any lingering unpleasant odour.

RELEASER   regularly used to clean, free, lubricate and protect all scaffolding fittings and screw threads..





Simply immerse the parts to be treated or spray the product though a Forward Chemicals sprayer. Allow to penetrate and free the seized parts in the normal way.

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