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  • Concentrated Multi Purpose Cleaner
  • Concentrated Multi Purpose Cleaner
  • Concentrated Multi Purpose Cleaner
Concentrated Multi Purpose Cleaner

Concentrated Multi Purpose Cleaner

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{ A Powerful Multi Purpose Cleaner }

is a powerful solvent emulsion cleaner for removing all types of mineral greases and oils from metal and other surfaces.


EMULSIONAL MPC is a concentrated liquid with high solvent penetration properties.


EMULSIONAL MPC can be applied by dip tank, brush or spray.


EMULSIONAL MPC   highly effective in removal of soft carbon, service sludge, asphalt, tar deposits, rope dressing, rust preventives, etc.


EMULSIONAL MPC non-corrosive to steel and common metals


EMULSIONAL MPC easily rinsable with complete removal from surface.





·       Cleaning the grease and oil deposits off a gearbox

·       External engine cleaning

·       Machinery, engine parts and bilges

·       Reconditioning fuel pumps

·       Degreasing metal components in engineering

·       Removal of anti-corrosion coatings

·       Cleaning out lubricator systems and oil storage tanks

·       Walls, Glass, floor, Vinyl & Plastics, hands, etc.,

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Packaging TypeCan
Physical StateLiquid
Quantity Per Pack25/30/210/1000


(A Versatile BIO-DEGRADABLE Gas Turbine Cleaner)




GUARDCLEAN GTC    is specially formulated   for removal of oil, grease, dirt, grime etc., from Oil Rigs, engines, oil side of heat exchangers, generators, pipes, cleaning vats,  Oil Gas Turbine Compressors, online offline compressor cleaning, for removing mould release etc

GUARDCLEAN GTC   is also used for cleaning jobs in industrial and commercial applications. It is ideal for cleaning machinery, shop tools, hoods, parts in process, food processing equipment, office equipment, floors, walls and desks.


GUARDCLEAN GTC  is specially formulated to clean both ferrous and non ferrous metals.


GUARDCLEAN GTC   carries a pleasant CITRUS odour.


GUARDCLEAN GTC   is bio-degradable, Non flammable, Non Caustic, Non Acidic, Non-Abrasive, Non-Corrosive and Non-toxic.

GUARDCLEAN GTC   does not attack the metal & plastics.  Safe for use on most industrial paint and coatings when diluted  It is water rinsable and leaves no residues.


GUARDCLEAN GTC  can be used by in pressure washers, brushers, dip tanks, automated spray washing systems, ultasonic  or automated floor scrubbing equipment. 


GUARDCLEAN GTC   is normally diluted 1:4 with demineralised water.  The dilution rate can be arrived by trials at the spot.  


GUARDCLEAN GTC  can be used at Room Temperature (20 Deg C).   If needed, it can be heated up to 50 deg C for faster and better results.


The duration of dip or spray depends upon the oil or other impurities on the components. {Make sure that the water used for dilution should have maximum TDS of 300.  Even though you can use ordinary water for dilution,  Demineralised water always give better results}

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