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Corrosion Inhibitor For Hydro Test

Corrosion Inhibitor For Hydro Test

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ApplicationIndustrial Use


{ Corrosion Inhibitor for Hydro tests }


CI – HT is the corrosion inhibitor to be used as an additive in hydro tests. 


CI – HT aqueous-based corrosion inhibitor has the features of a non-nitrited chemical rust inhibitor.


CI – HT is environmental friendly.


CI – HT contains no oil, which minimizes disposal problems, and no nitrites, which eliminates associated health hazards.


CI – HT is multi metal protector and will not stain brass or copper.


CI – HT is normally added in the ratio of .5 to 1% in water.


Its low concentration effectiveness provides economical treatment.


CI – HT is packed in 30/50/210 lts HMHDPE barrels.

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{ Borate/Nitirite based Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor }



CORINTOR – BN   is a blended liquid corrosion inhibitor formulated for use in closed hot and chilled water systems. It is a film-forming corrosion inhibitor with a scale suppressant.


CORINTOR – BN   protects both ferrous and nonferrous system components. 


CORINTOR – BN   features a borate/nitrate formula for superior scale and corrosion inhibition, with easy testing and control. It is  fully compatible with water in ethylene glycol solutions. It contains an anti-scalant which helps to keep engine systems clean and free from corrosion and scale formation.

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