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Paint Stripper

We offer an array of Paint Stripper that is widely used in a number of industries. They are made using high quality raw material and are tested by our team of experts to assure its quality. Mostly this kind of stripper is applicable for repairing work on such machinery and equipments that cannot be shifted from their places.

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Product Details:
State/FormLiquid, Solvent

Stripeaze a very effective chemical for stripping cured paint films; whether liquid paints synthetic enamel, nitro- cellulose, or lacquers or powder coatings. It is based on chlorinated solvents and acids. It can be used by both dip process and by brushing.


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Aquastrip is a specially formulated, water based paint remover for the cost effective and environment friendly paint removal of paints and coatings such as epoxies and urethane materials from  concrete, aluminum and other non ferrous alloys, wood, and masonry substrates.


Aquastrip effectively removes latex, alkyd, acrylic paints, and many other high performance coatings such as two component epoxy and urethane. This product contains no known carcinogens, methylene chloride or other chlorinated solvents.


Aquastrip will even remove powder coating with ease


Aquastrip is a molecule expanding formula, It delaminates the paint film by lifting the coating. Aquastrip is a low volatility paint strip; this means that instead of evaporating rapidly it remains on surfaces to lift and soften the paint.  Aquastrip removes more paint in fewer applications than methylene chloride containing paint strippers. Since it is water-soluble, cleans up is easily.


Aquastrip is ideal for use as a paint strip in mines, petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, other industrial plants, homes, and other areas where abrasive blast cleaning and removal is not an option because of environment or worker safety concerns.

Aquastrip is formulated to achieve optimum results when used as is. It comes as liquid and in Gel form. Aquastrip Gel has the right consistency to be applied to vertical and long surfaces with ease.

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Product Details:
Physical StateLiquid

ALKALINE PAINT STRIPPER:  Our product STRIPEAZE-ALK is a powerful blend of solvents surfactants and alkalis for stripping cured paint films - including acrylics, alkyds, and epoxies - from metal parts.; Used by dip process, it safely removes most organic finishes, including powder coatings and e-coat from ferrous components, whether it be liquid paint or powder coatings.  It is used at elevated temperatures and Totally biodegradable.


ALKALINE PAINT REMOVER:  Our product METHALKER is based on chlorinated solvent and it is alkaline. METHALKER is a very effective chemical for stripping cured paint films; whether it be liquid paint or powder coatings.  METHALKER may be used by Dip or Brush Method.

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Product Details:
Physical StateLiquid


{ VersatileHOTstripper & cleaner } 


Functional Boundary:

Powerstrip is Specially Formulated Strong Alkali Chemical, to Remove Oil, Grease, Paint, Rust, Heat Treatment Scales, Phosphate Coatings and Other Impurities from Ferrous Metals. It Replaces the Conventional Chlorinates Solvent Formulation Which is Used to Remove Paints.

Ordinary Mild Steel Tank is Enough to Prepare the Bath. Gives No Hydrogen Embrittlement. Rinses Freely.
Usage Parameters:

Concentration: 10-35% ( Depending Upon the Type of Things to Be Removed )

Temperature : 75-100 Deg C

Bath Make-up

1) to Make Up a Bath Solution of Powerstrip, Fill Up the Tank with About Three-fourths of the Working Volume with Cold Water.

2) Work out How Many Kilograms of Powerstrip Will Be Required to Make Up the Working Volume, and Get the Required Weight of the Chemical.

3) Add Powerstrip, Taking Small Quantities at a Time; Slowly to the Water in the Bath.

4) Keep Stirring the Water in the Tank, Either Manually Oor Mechanically, to Ensure Proper Dissolution. Add Further Quantities of Powerstrip, Only After the Previously Added Chemical Has Been Completely Dissolved.

5) Finally, After the Entire Quantity of Powerstrip Chemical Has Dissolved in the Water, Add More Water to Bring the Bath Solution to Working Level.

6) Now Heat the Bath Solution to the Required Temperature.
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Product Details:



SAFESTRIP is an extremely effective biodegradable formulation for stripping industrial coatings. SAFESTRIP is compatible with most metals including aluminum and steel. It will not corrode metals and safe to be used on aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cadmium, titanium and magnesium.

SAFESTRIP is a carefully formulated and balanced to maintain its maximum efficiency as long as you operate the stripping tank. The stripping time is usually between 15 and 60 minutes for most catalyzed and powder coatings (including E-Coat), when the stripping solution is heated at a temperature between 40 and 80°C. It is used as supplied & undiluted.

SAFESTRIP is ideally suited

For stripping from aluminum and ferrous metals, to strip magwheels,

To remove:

Powder coatings (polyester & polyurethane);


Catalyzed paints (epoxies & polyurethanes);

Non-catalyzed paints (enamels, urethanes, alkyds);

Even though SAFESTRIP is designed for use in a heated soaking tank. it can be used at room temperature with a longer dwell time.


Extremely effective;

Low operating cost;

Biodegradable, No HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant, U.S. EPA);

Non corrosive on aluminum, ferrous metals and galvanized surfaces;

Low evaporation rate;

Non flammable

The product can be cleaned and reused.

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Product Details:
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade


Chromate-free, liquid chemical polish for brightening

Copper, brass and bronze by immersion application


Cupbradip is a chromate-free, highly acidic liquid chemical polish, used for brightening old and tarnished copper, brass and bronze parts. It can be used to brighten all kinds of copper and copper-alloyed parts Including light fixtures, copper contact terminals, brass fittings and valves, meters, gauges, regulator parts and building hardware.


Cupbradip eliminates time-consuming, tiresome, manual polishing and buffing of intricately and irregularly shaped parts with “nooks and corners”. When the metal surfaces that have been thoroughly precleaned of all contaminants is immersed in the Cupbradip at room temperature, the acidic liquid polish chemically dissolves and removes oxides, stains, tarnish and discolorations, from copper or brass and its alloys and a clear, metallic brightness is restored. After thorough fresh water rinse, it leaves the bare-metal clean and shiny bright. Then, to give the surfaces long-term indoor protection from retarnishing, the metal parts are rinsed and then immediately dipped in Cupbradip-F.


Cupbradip-Finhibitor is a mildly alkaline liquid tarnish - preventing agent that is specially formulated to provide longterm protection. The special blend organic salts guards copper, brass and bronze parts against tarnishing, oxidation and corrosion after they have been chemically polished by Cupbradip.



Application procedure:


First remove all oil, grease, paint and lacquer from parts by precleaning them with a suitable alkaline cleaner such asThelnikal LD. If parts are covered with hard water scale, they should be descaled with a suitable descalant, such asKWIKSHOT, and thoroughly rinsed.

Once the contaminanats are removed, the parts are immersed in Cupbradip, as supplied, at room temperature. The durtion of dip depends on the amount of stain and tarnish to be removed and surface finish. Follow with thorough fresh water rinse.

 Then, to give parts long-term indoor protection from retarnishing, oxidation and corrosion, they should be immediately immersed in a solution of Cupbradip-F at 10% by volume for 30 seconds at room temperature. Follow with thorough water rinse and air dry.

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